We have closed permanently.

It is with the utmost sadness that we are announcing the closing of Mars Bar and Grill Wednesday, February 26. Some of you know this journey has been difficult for us and we appreciate all the support you have provided to us.

Our primary considerations are to assist our wonderful staff as they transition to other jobs in our community. Landon has assembled the most amazing team. We are grateful Alfredo returned and brought new energy to our kitchen. Thank you, all for your hard work.

We’d also like to recognize the dozens of talented musicians we have hosted these last three years. We witnessed some landmark musical performances at this venue. They were sources of pure joy and truly were some of our best times of our lives.

We wish to thank the thousands of patrons and customers who have spent time enjoying our craft beers, our outstanding food, our music, and our hospitality. Even though this adventure has been challenging at times, the joy of getting to know so many of you as friends has warmed our hearts.

The Bar & Grill opened in March of 2017 to great fanfare as part of a larger national franchise that had established close to 30 locations around the country. Over time, many of the local establishments began to falter, for various reasons, and the franchise eventually filed for bankruptcy in late 2019. These and other factors were out of our control.

We opened the new Mars Bar & Grill in the same location during in August, 2019.  We remained committed to our staff and to the music community. A new menu was developed, and other operational changes were made. Unfortunately, business never returned to previous levels.  The bar & grill market in Omaha, especially West Omaha, is highly competitive. Many of these operators are in multiple locations to build volume and keep overhead costs low. Few offer live entertainment and nobody had a venue like ours. As a result of all these factors, the owners of Mars Bar and Grill have determined that it is no longer possible to maintain this operation, which for us had become more of a “labor of love” than a business. It just didn’t work out.

We announce this closure today so that are staff can begin their search for new opportunities during this time when the economy is strong, jobs are flourishing in Omaha, and great employees are hard to find. We are confident that the musical groups we have featured will continue to enjoy success in numerous other locations.  We know that our customers have dozens of other great options.  Again, we thank our employees, musicians, and customers for their support these last few years.”

We would love to have you drop in one last time tonight so we can say “thank you” in person—(don’t worry, it’ll be upbeat.) 

We are not sure what the next leg of our journey holds, but it will likely involve music.

We appreciate you more than you know.

Much love,

Mars and Brent