The W Maple Omaha Rock

There's a decorative boulder situated in a parking lot just off of 156th and W. Maple which has achieved worldwide fame for its ability to snag cars. Brent and Mars have been having fun with this phenomenon. Below are some stories about The W Maple Omaha Rock and Mars Bar and Grill.

Omaha World-Herald

Omaha bar offers discount to people who take selfies with famous West Maple rock



"This may look shocking, but for people working in the area of 156th and Maple, it’s actually become a familiar sight."



West Omaha rock gains internet fame. Mars Boothasaurus gets featured.



A rock in Omaha became an overnight attraction thanks to the cars that can't seem to avoid it. (Photo Credit: KETV)


Omaha World Herald

A true rock star: Cars keep getting stuck on a famous boulder in Omaha (Photo Credit: Omaha World-Herald)


Chive Media

Cutting corners never gets you anywhere. So is the case for this particular curb in West Omaha Nebraska where someone mysteriously placed a large boulder on this corner.  (17 photos)


Bored Panda

Someone put down a huge stone to stop curb jumpers and capture the fools that ignore it (Photo Credit: The W Maple Omaha Rock)



The West Maple Omaha Rock has its own sub now. Figured you guys might be interested in seeing all the carnage 1 rock can do.



Evil Boulder Menace Somehow Manages To Take Out A Fistful Of SUVs (Photo Credit: KETV)


Folk ROCK Stars

Montana-based band, Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk's tour stop in Omaha was highlighted by a trip to see Rocko.

Omaha World Herald cartoonist, Jeff Koterba gave a nod to the Rock and "Rock Star" AJ.

Wes Urbaniak and The Mountain Fold share a little ditty Wes wrote about Rocko.

Friends from Alaska

These ladies from ALASKA drove 15 HOURS out of their way just to see #TheWMapleOmahaRock. They took their selfies and came over to Mars for our #Rockodiscount. It’s amazing all the nice people we’re meeting.

Ladies from Alaska

Kinkaider Brewing Co. Snow Beast Conquers the Rock

Have you heard about this rock? The Beast has taken it head on and has become the king of the rock!

If you take a selfie with the rock, take it to Mars Bar and Grill and show it to your bartender or server and get $2 off your tab.

Kinkaider Brewing Company

The Kinkaider Snow Beast conquers the rock